Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jeep Chase From Last Week Still Intrigues Me!

On Sunday, March 6th, this man, Jason Edwards, washed and waxed his red soft top 2003 Jeep Wrangler and filled its gas tank. On Monday, March 7th, his Jeep went missing from his residence's parking area. He called his family, and made the calls to the police department and his insurance company.

Late afternoon that same Monday, while on a break during his duties as a medical student at a local hospital, he flipped on the TV. And what did he see but a red soft top Jeep Wrangler being chased by police cars and the news and police helicopters. He saw the red Jeep make its way through woods and backyards. He watched more to try to be sure it was his.
As the chase went on for several minutes he saw close ups, recognized cargo in the back and knew it was his. He watched it go the wrong way on a highway.
And speed down Kansas City, Kansas streets. The Jeep took a beating, with fence parts sticking out of the windshield and radiator. Finally after almost 30 minutes, the driver, a male, who could be seen smoking cigarettes during the drive, abandoned the Jeep. He ended up stranded on top of a building in Kansas City, KS. Eventually the KCKFD came with a ladder and helped the police take him into custody.

These are the two miscreants who ran off with the man's Jeep. The male had multiple warrants for many crimes. The female had no warrants, but ended up with many charges after the chase. The chase started in the north part of Kansas City when the police got a tip that the male was at a certain address. When the pair saw the police at the house, they jumped in the Jeep and ran. Foolish people. First ground police units were on their tails, then a news chopper, then the police chopper. They tried to outrun the helicopters by going off-road.
The Jeep was very stout, never getting stuck in the mud, and it ran over several fences. It lived up to the great Jeep name in off roading. Personally, my very first thought, even before I thought "I hope they catch these creeps." was for the owner of the Jeep. It looked well cared for, even babied. I thought to myself, "I hope these fools don't wreck it too badly."
Unfortunately, by the time it was done, the Jeep had to be towed to the impound lot. Mr. Edwards has been advised to total it. Thankfully, during the long course of this chase, no one was injured.

Using this link right here will get you to a page where you can either see highlights of the chase from KSHB's news chopper, or the raw video--you can pick your pleasure.

photo credits and info credits: top--Kansas City Star Middle three--KSHB (stills from their video) Mugs--from KCKPD via KSHB Bottom--KMBC.
Reports from the Kansas City Star, KSHB, and KMBC were used for the info in this write up.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
In-crrrrrrrrredible! What a couple of morons. Dangerous morons, too.

Ann T.
Ha, my code is slowersi. This is some vast Jungian joke going on at google password.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Jeep thieves should be shot. I'm just sayin'.....

the observer said...

Ann T.

Once the choppers are up, you're toast. Crooks should stop running the moment they hear the blades. But I guess if they were smart they wouldn't be crooks ;-)

Capt Schmoe

How about being in a mud pit with a Jeep?

To every one, thanks for reading!