Friday, March 5, 2010

The Car Show

I went to the Kansas City Auto Show today. This extravaganza of automobiles rolls around every March and is a great opportunity to look at cars in a little bit of a less pressured environment then visiting a dealer. The only event that I like better that concerns new cars is when they go out and set up test drive tracks and you can test drive any care you like. So let's check out the cars!


Some classics were on display, too. This is something I always thought they should do.

I guess if you have enough money for a Porsche, you can get one with orange trim.

I thought this work van from Chevy was pretty cool with the outside access to parts bins.

The latest Caroll Shelby offering from Ford Motor Co.

Check out the blue accents on this Hyundai coupe's dashboard.

The on board computer/GPS on this Lexus was ready to tell us where we were. Check out the push button start to the left of the display.

Lots of walking and lots of pictures and lots of fun! It'll be a while before I am ready for a new car, but there were cars there that I might consider when I go shopping.

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