Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shovel Ready

Well, it started raining around 7 pm last night, a cold and nasty rain. Then around 11 p.m., little ice pellets fell from the sky. Shortly after that, it changed to snow, and snowed until early morning. Now (3 p.m.), it's doing this: snowing, diagonally.

You may have to click to embiggen to see the flakes more clearly in this view through the library window.
The snow overnight didn't stick to the paved surfaces very much, just in interesting patches like this. I did clean this up, just to provide a clean surface for the new snow to fall on.

Daffodils, like my neighbor's group here, may be protected by the 3 inches of snow that fell. Ann T., I'm jealous of your crocus picture!

Snow in the forsythia tree. Some of the buds were getting green. Hopefully, there will still be plenty of yellow flowers come warmer weather.

A review of the weather forecast has it going up to the 60s by Tuesday of next week. Winter's last hurrah? We hope so!


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I was deep in building another post and didn't get over here fast enough!

This is incredible! For late March.

Wishing you a merry Spring and many, many crocus.
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T

Thanks so much! We ended up with about 6 inches, but much has always melted away as of 2115 Sunday.

All gone and in the 50s by Tuesday!

The Observer