Friday, March 26, 2010

Updates, I Have Updates

To the story about the man murdered at the 7-11: An arrest was made, of one Phillip Martin, a 19 year old man with an extensive criminal history, including 10 arrests on various charges since August 2008. He was on probation for a robbery attempt on a man right in front of police headquarters. Per the Star's reporting, he attacked a man who was going to give him change after they had both been released from jail. The arrest was facilitated by a little good old fashioned CSI--it was noted from the video that the suspect handled a can of fruit punch. The can was found, and so were Mr. Martin's finger prints. He is in custody, charged with second degree murder, robbery and two counts of armed criminal action. What this thug was doing out on the streets again, I don't know. Seems to me that he's demonstrated an inability to obtain the things that he needs by legal means, and is a person without conscience. He ought to have a nice long stay in jail. Your link here, from The Kansas City Star.

The lady involved in the train-car crash was identified as a 78 year old from Leavenworth, KS. Per one news report I saw, she was reported missing at 0400 that same day as the crash. It may never be known completely why this accident happened. She could have become confused, or committed a driver error involving pedals and gear shifts. It could have been a deliberate act. Now, questions have to be raised about her cognitive abilities and processes. We may never know exactly what caused her to put her car where she did that day. Her family and the train crew still need prayer. Your newsie link here, from KMBC.

Spring may have finally sprung around here. Snow is gone, except for north facing shadow areas that had piles, and those are getting smaller and fewer. Grass is getting green, the flowers are thinking about blooming, the sun is warm and days feature more daylight. More light makes me energetic, and the warm but not hot weather is conducive to getting things done outside.

And of course, March is Mad, completely off its rocker. I hope you sports fans looked in on the Kansas State-Xaiver men's college hoops match last night. Gutty K State effort has me wearing purple today.

Thank you every one for reading! :-)


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
It took Weeks for those man-made snowplowed mountains of snow, soot, and road gravel to melt. They were just plain awful.

I swear, though, spring just turned over in 48 hours here. I was out and a tree that was a canopy of sticks yesterday is already losing blooms and gaining leaves. Unbelievable.

Can't keep up with Mother N.,
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T
Forsythia buds have become obvious...
The Observer