Friday, June 24, 2011

Retro: Christmas 1995 at Channel 4

Ah, cleaning up--you just never know what you might find! I found this advertising piece from channel 4 dating back to Christmas 1995. On the cover is the lead news team at that time.

What you found when you looked inside was channel 4 newsies in holiday sweaters and/or ties. Pretty much everyone got their own page. Most intriguing to me was this photo of the official weather geek of the South Kansas City Observer, Gary Lezak, who at that time was the morning weather dude at WDAF:
Here's Lezak's whole page (click to enlarge)--he was one of the few whose recipes were not for nasty fattening treats.
Gary's bald head looks better than this moussed mess--probably a consultant's idea, that hair.

If you want to see more of this, make a note in the comment section. Trust me, Phil Witt hasn't changed a bit...


chuck said...

No dog?

I always like his dogs. :)

Hyperblogal said...

They DO all look the same to me because 1995 was the last time I watched local news.

The Observer said...

chuck, I am not sure when he got his first dog, Windy. I remember he had her when he left WDAF--he had a non-compete clause and so there was at least a half year he was off the air and he had her then. Windy has passed--for a short time, he did have three dogs!

Hyper--I rarely watch the actual broadcast--I let the digital revolution pass without me--but I do dip into video on demand on the 'net at times.

Thanks for coming by and commenting.

The Observer

Anonymous said...

Gary Lezak had Windy when he was doing the weather in Oklahoma City.