Friday, June 17, 2011

Adopt-A-Thon on NOW; Over 100 Adopted Already!

Adopt me, but only if you really are ready for all it entails...

First, before we go any further, let me tell you what reasons should stop you from adopting a companion animal:

You should not adopt a pet if you cannot afford it. (It costs roughly $2/day for me to feed my four cats.)

You should not adopt a pet if you are not allowed to have animals where you live.

You should not adopt a pet if you or anyone in your household has a problem with impulsive, explosive anger such that the animal might be in danger.

You should not adopt a pet if you cannot make the pet a true part of your family--this means that the animal spends the majority of its time indoors with you.

You should not adopt a pet if you really don't like animals. (!)

You should not adopt a pet if all members of the household do not agree on the adoption going forward.

You should not adopt a pet if you are not sure you can process the fact that companion animals do not live as long as humans, and eventually, you will have to part ways with your beloved pet due to old age and/or illness.

You should not adopt a pet because the shelter is having a special on adoption fees!!!

With those words of caution, we move forward to talk up the Adoptathon at Wayside Waifs, one of my favorite events evah. Wayside Waifs goes all out to make the adoption experience positive and easy--with lots of people helping out, and fees cut in half.

106.5 The Wolf has been at least a three year sponsor for the adoptathon, coming up and broadcasting from Wayside Waifs. It was pretty busy when I went up to check things out this early afternoon. By 3 p.m., over 100 animals had been adopted out!

There were still some really cute kittens around--but I wouldn't bet on any of these pictured cuties being available the way adoptions were going when I left. You should check the website if you want to see the latest animals ready for adoption.

Don't you just love it when dogs sit this way? This attractive dog has blue eyes!

Handsome orange tabby cat--big grown boy--easy going and sweet.

Wayside Waifs special adoption event will be going on all weekend with special hours and adoption rates. On the web at Wayside Waifs is located at 3901 Martha Truman Road in south Kansas City. Phone 816-761-8151.


Editor's Note: The latest number I have on pets adopted is 122 as of about 5:45 pm. Wow! That's a record! Woof woof!

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