Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Checking In

No, the Observer hasn't gone on hiatus, or forgotten how to post, or been eaten by Blogger. The Observer has just been a bit informationally overloaded. For example, I took over 300 photos on Saturday at the car show. I haven't published a one and I am not even sure I have edited them all. BTW, we had an excellent show, with over 160 cars registered on Saturday, and since the weather held up, I bet we had more on Sunday. I hope you had a chance to come out. Don't worry the pictures will show up in drips here and there on the net. Maybe on FB or on my photo blog or a combo of places...

The news? OMG, the news. Yesterday, we blew up two houses in the Kansas City area, one in the southland, in the 7000 block of 105th Street and one in Independence. The one in Independence, sorry to say, took a life, and may have been related to illegal explosives. Levees breached near the Missouri-Iowa border threaten whole towns with inundation--it's so odd to talk about flooding when the rain persists in missing us here in Kansas City. Meantime, the controversy about the law office building on the Plaza continues, with "Save the Plaza" folks gathering signatures for a ballot item and the city council considering ordinances that might make such an effort irrelevant. I am kicking around thoughts about preservation and development and keeping a balance between the two--to grow a city while preserving what is unique, historical and interesting in the environment.

Nationally, there has been discussion about the various "flash mobs" of young people with bad intent. The Chicago media got into it about naming the race of suspects in various mob crimes that had occurred in that city. Very interesting discussion, some of which we have covered locally with regard to the incidents in the Plaza area. Weinergate continues. So does the crappy economic news--the current government is admitting the recovery has stalled/slowed. Perhaps never started?

So that's all the musings fit to muse for now. Thanks for reading along.


Groucho K. Marx said...

I call such conditions "sensory overload T.O.- usually cured spending an evening on the back patio listening to the cicadas sipping an ice-cold Boulevard Wheat.


Bob G. said...

Love the "promo" picture...TONS of MOPAR...even have an old late '50s Chrysler 300 in the mix (excellent picture quality).

As to the flash mobs?
This is what happens with technology outrunning COMMON SENSE.

It's all been going on in cities like Chicago and Philly for a couple years now...and with the predictable results.

It's been in the streets, in malls, and even trickled down to convenience stores (like the one in MN) fast food joints and restaurants (like Denny's).

Guess some folks think this is some form of "entertainment"???
(not hardly)

Most of them DO have ill intent.

The (very) few that might break out in song (around Christmas time in certain malls) are to be commended, for they ARE practicing responsibnle behavior.

The rest are just plain norons!

Excellent post.
Looking forward to more car show pics.

STay safe out there.

Craig Hover said...

Bring on the car show pictures!!

The Observer said...

Car pictures are up, along with some cute animal shots. :)

The Observer

The Observer said...

Bob G:
It has the potential to be a long hot summer with these "mobs"--they need to enforce the laws that are violated and for the minors, not just the child, but the parents need to be held responsible.

No matter what color the little darlings are, or what color of folk they menace.

The Observer