Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kansas City Shelter Animals

So, as I mentioned in the post below, I went to the KCMO Animal Shelter. And, of course, there were lots of nice animals to see and visit--did you really think you'd only get two animal photos? Here are some more--and this is just a portion of the available pets there.

Interestingly marked black and white bicolor finds herself in the shelter after her owner passed away--one of two cats with that story--and both are very sweet.

Yes, it's raining kittens in Kansas City, Missouri! Here's a group of dilute tortie sisters.

Dogs--one of two Huskie/Huskie crosses in the shelter this day. Beautiful dogs.

One of my personal favorite crosses--the "Puggle"(Pug/Beagle)--I had never seen one in white before. Editor's note: Description on Petfinder says this pup is Chihuahua/Pug. Either way.

I love this pair--I don't think either are purebred but they are enchanting combo of chihuahua/min pin. So cute.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, please consider a visit to the KCMO shelter. Animals there are in danger of being killed due to crowding issues--adoption and the assurance of a home will save lives. Information on the shelter, located near the stadiums at 4400 Raytown Road, is linked right here.


Bob G. said...

I swear if I lived closer, I'd be there all the dang time.
They're all so damn cute.

And that huskie just cries out "Take ME home, Bob"...!

Also wish I had a lot more room to accomodate the "orphans" (in our city, even).

Thanks for sharing.

Stay safe out there

chuck said...

I love those little guys. :)

Hope they find nice homes!!

My guy is getting old and crotetchety, I gotta carry him around, hes the best. He was a stray in a prking lot, many years ago.


The Observer said...

I have had 9 cats over the years here in KC. I think I have obtained cats every way except buying them!

2 from friends
1 from Wayside Waifs
4 strays taken in
1 from my vet's office, who was a stray
1 from a rescue group

I have 4 presently--3 are former strays. One is in her mid teens--cranky indeed--but still awesome.

Thanks for sharing.
The Observer

The Observer said...

Bob G:
I hope someone got that dog, along with the other Husky that was there (pictured in the previous post).

It's tough--I wouldn't mind working with this shelter but the "kill" thing--I have trouble with it. What if I get attached to an animal...?

Thanks for coming by and stay cool!

The Observer

Maeby's Mom said...

I ran across your blog today via google image search for "white puggle chihuahua" dogs. I just had to comment because about 6 years ago I found a stray that looks identical to the one in your photo near the Troost/Meyer area! Kind of makes me wonder if there isn't someone around there breeding these dogs and not keeping very good tabs on them.