Friday, June 17, 2011

HPAC Auto Show Highlights

I mean over 300 pictures! And once the batteries in the camera died, I started in on the cell phone. So any one group of photos from last week's fabulous HPAC auto show is going to be woefully incomplete. Just to give myself a frame work, I've picked a car or two from each decade from the 1930s to the 2010s.

1960s era Plymouth features big engine and plenty of speed.

1970s, part one: Winged car, one of at least five at the show.

1970s, part two: Dodge station wagon featured the classic rear seat.

Not a first generation Viper, but the sense of adventure personified by the 10 banger was definitely part of Chrysler in the 1990s.

1940s era Plymouth with plenty of bright work and looong hood.

Interior of the 1955 Chrysler 300. Do the seatbelts belong?

The Dodge Charger is a good representative of the 2000s--this is a fire chief's car.

Pair of 1930s era Plymouths.

1983 Jeep CJ--pre merger days, but the Jeep brand and vehicles would prove vital to Chrysler in the 1980s and early 1990s after the 1987 merger/takeover with AMC.

Hot pink metallic Dodge Challenger provides some of the muscle in the Chrysler lineup of today.

No doubt there will be more photos posted in other places--stay tuned.


Nicole Alicia said...

That Pink Chrysler is sweet! I love it! Looks like there was a great turn out for this show. Thanks for the post!

-Nicole Alicia

Bob G. said...

You got my "WOW" factor in high gear with these pictures.

Love the station wagon shot...miss those "wrong-way" seats, too...LOL.

The earlier models are in fantastic shape, too!

I remember seeing those "barn-door" cars when I was a kid all over the place.
And we had Plymouth SAVOY taxicabs in Philly.

Nice ROAD RUNNER picture...not many left around, and they are not cheap to restore!

Favorite car of this bunch?
Probably that '50s era Chrysler 300 (and no, they didn't have seatbelts in that model)...

Come to think of it, we really didn't NEED seatbelts in those days.

Musta been a lot fewer dangerous parts on cars (like the NUT that HOLDS THE WHEEL) back

Fantastic photos.

Thanks for the look-see.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
Love the nut behind the wheel comment! I've given that some thought--but we really have reduced the number of people killed in motor vehicle crashes over the years, considering the volume of cars is much higher!

There will be posting of more pictures somewhere...

Nicole, thanks for visiting and following--I hope you enjoy your future visits too!

The Observer

Craig Hover said...

Is this the same show that had been in Riverside in years past?

Nice pictures!