Thursday, May 5, 2011

OBL's Death and the Media

You know, with 24 hour media we can now beat something just about to death, as we have the OBL situation. Now, since there isn't a way to put a cork in every possible source, the way to secrecy is to obfuscate. Just keep dumping information over and over, with slight differences and confuse everyone. Then all get tired of the situation and say OK enough let's move on.

So I say to the Obama administration: Please shut up now. Too many explanations are raising too many questions. Too many explanations are exposing things to the world that we should have kept to ourselves--what we found, the tactics used, the stealth helicopter, etc. Just tonight the New York Times talked about how bin Laden had hands in terror plots over the years. My reaction was just stop, stop feeding the media.

One thing should be done: The photos and videos of bin Laden's death should be released. That is why we risked the lives of the SEAL team, to be able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that we did indeed kill Osama bin Laden. I understand the objection that radical Muslims will use it to gin themselves up, but they already can do that with just the fact of OBL's death at our hands. I also understand that it will not put the skeptics to rest, but nothing would. We might as well reassure the sane among us that we did this thing to completion.


Bob G. said...

Unfortunately, we live in this "entertainment-driven, media-hype society...that's not gonna change much.

I also think they should release he pics...let it be done and over with.
When I was talking with Wifey the other day, I mentioned pictures from the 'Nam that were of a small girl running down a road after being burned by a napalm attack, and another picture of an NVA spy being shot in the head on the street by an ARVN officer with a pistol.
Still see those in my mind..and THOSE are pretty graphic, BUT were shown worldwide at the time.

Better to get it ALL out in the open...and get on with life.

Good post.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
I am glad we got this guy.

I am so amazed at how the world has change though. I do not remember such a concentration on the political aspects of an event like this in the past. It has reached the level of absurd at this point.

I think it started with Carter and the diaster of his attempted rescue of the Iran hostages. Since then, the political is considered more.

Good comment and thanks for stopping by--have a nice weekend!

The Observer