Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monitoring the Weather: Just Too Geeky For Words

This is what I was doing on my personal Facebook page this morning. I suppose if I was a true weather geek, I would have been chasing the baby funnels, camera in hand. All I was doing was sitting in my safe place with my scanner, my AM radio, and my Blackberry. I was looking at radar on the browser, listening to the reports from police and fire on the MERS channel, and updating Facebook by switching to the app after I figured out I could.

Yeah, that's geeky.

I hope everyone got through today's little outbreak of F0 tornadoes without any damage. I personally would go for some totally boring sunshine, temperature around 80. Is there any hope for me?


Rushd Lady said...

nope! no hope! *smile* well, it's good to know you weathered the latest joyride. Poor Lily was shivering to beat the band. How did your fuzzy kids take to the weather?

Radioman KC said...

Put your blackberry away and go sit down in front of a TV set. As many years we'be been getting weather lessons 2 minutes nightly, we should be able to read a radar screen.

I sure can. Except when I'm huddled in my 'safeplace' and can't see the TV. But my cell doesn't work in there anyway so WTF. Turn up the TV loud and listen closely until youre tired of sitting in there. Then come up and voila! sunny skies!

but to take your coverage from twitter? Only a TWIT would do that!

Groucho K. Marx said...

"I personally would go for some totally boring sunshine, temperature around 80."

That includes not only you T.O.- but dozens of meteorologists and thousands already victimized by Mama Nature the past week or so.

More sctd. storms this weekend- so yeah- I'll take that "boring" WX-day too! ;)

Bob G. said...

I look at all this weather this way:
If my lawn is going to look like some rice paddy, and the neighborhood looks like Saigon during Monsoon season, at LEAST issue me an M16 and let me get some target practice

Our damage is minimal at this time, but the way the Midwest weather changes...well, we're just hanging tight and springing some of that eternal hope.

Good post.

Stay dry & safe out there.

The Observer said...

Thanks everyone for commenting on this post, in which I poke myself!!

What I was doing, Radioman, was being my own weather center--I had the radar, real time, up on the browser on the Blackberry (so no I can't get rid of it--it is my homebased internet access). I had my spotters--namely police and fire on the scanner calling in reports of weather and the callers into KMBZ--so I had a good idea of what was happening on the ground. I had the clear weather portals available, although limited by being in my safe place. Finally I had my poor captive audience--my patience Facebook friends. I knew for example that the way the storms were moving, the little corner of the world I was in was pretty safe.

It was sort of fun, in a geeky way :)

No Twitter--I've considered it but generally I am much too verbose for 140 characters!