Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Car Show and Cruising Season Is ON!

I think Kansas City is one of the best places for old cars. Its history of manufacturing and engineering causes an appreciation for the old school around here. Couple that with weather that is reasonably agreeable to preserving automobiles--there are just a few months that driving an antique is ill advised and there is no salt air to corrode metal--and we have a feast of old autos to look at. Here are some pictures from a couple Friday night cruises at the Long Branch, 91st and Metcalf in Overland Park, KS.

For listings of all things automotive, I recommend visiting Craig Hover over at Hover Motor Co. for a run down of all things old car happening in the KC and surrounding areas. Linked here, or permanently over on one of the blog rolls to the left. He has lots of other cool stuff too.

Two dates on my calendar are the Mopar Family Reunion Car Show & Swap June 11 and 12 at the Bass Pro in Olathe, KS and UM Church of the Resurrection Car Show July 9 at the church in Leawood (137th and Roe). Also remember the Long Branch cruise every Friday night and for you MOPAR people, the HPAC cruise every third Saturday at Carver's in Olathe (135th St just west of US 69). See you at the show!


Bob G. said...

Well, this IS a pleasant surprise...I remember last year's pictures (fantastic).
Thanks for the photos...like getting away from "it all" for a spell.
Nicely done.

The cars featured are:
- Ferrari 308 GTS
(remember Magnum P.I.?)
- New Shelby Mustang
- '66 Fairlane & '64 (or less) Falcon
- Pontiac (R.I.P.) GTO
- '67-'68 (?) Firebird
- Dashboard & Lincoln Continental (late 70s) aka LAND-YACHT!
- Dodge Magnum & dashboard
- Plymouth GTX or road runner (67-68?)
Been a while since I seen some REAL cars, too...LOL.

Thanks again.
Stay safe out there.

Craig Hover said...

Thanks for the plug for my blog! I regulary visit this one to read about things that don't involve cars--but this time you had some pictures from an event that I didn't make it to. Good stuff!

The Observer said...

Bob G:
Thanks for the IDs! An outbreak of the lazies occurred. I am glad you enjoyed the pics.

Isn't it amazing how this world works? I found you thru Hemmings, someone found you maybe via Tony's link to my post, now you're on TKC's blogroll, and now more folks will see where to see classic cars! What a deal!

The Observer