Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down!

As you perhaps might have heard, the Blogger platform was down for a number of hours during Thursday and early Friday, finally returning sometime around 1200 Kansas City time Friday.

I've been blogging and actively following blogs since 2009--I'd heard of the phenomenon before that but never thought I'd be interested in it. Between radio appearance's by Tony of TKC and getting involved in MAST/KCFD issue, I ended up jumping in with both feet.

What did I miss not having Blogger working? Not so much my own blogging and opinionating, but the posts and comments of writers both here and in other places whose updates, news, opinions, photos and stories have become a part of my day. They inform me, as Tony does. They are in places I can't be, as Hyperblogal was yesterday at the big fire at Prospect and Independence Aves. They make me laugh, as Dr. Grumpy does regularly when he is in the house. They help me look through the fire captain's eyes, hear the ER nurse's thoughts, see what life is like in other towns.

Capt. Schmoe, Bob G., Dr. Grumpy, Hyper, Mo Rage, Tony, and everyone--it is good to be back with you. Now, let's get back to work--there are awesome tips to pass on, rabble to rouse, strong opinions to share, stories to tell, photos to post and community to build.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Indeed Observer, posted as you wrote!

Bob G. said...


I also missed what you mentioned.

We DO have a community right HERE in cyberspace.

ANd truth be told, all of you are WAY better than people I have to deal with daily where I live.

In many ways, it reminds me of my old neighborhoods back in Philly...everyone chatting up each other and looking out for one another...never too busy to stop for a while.

All we need is the milkman stopping by and 5 cent!

I have come to look forward to that here.

Stay safe.

The Observer said...

So great to be back--I miss the reading. Still had the Wordpress gang, but missed the Blogger peeps.

Hopefully, that won't happen again!

The Observer