Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When The 737 Was New

It seems as if the Boeing 737 has been around for a long time. Well, it has. These print ads date from 1967 when the jet was first introduced. Nicknamed "the flying pickle" the 737 has a admirable safety record and has proven itself well over the years. This shot clearly shows "the pickle with wings on it" shape of the well known plane.

The jet now is most famous or well known as the air ship of choice for Southwest Airlines, the low cost airline company started around that same time, incorporated in 1966 and flying its first flights in 1971. It was pretty neat to find these old ads of such a familiar sight as a 737.

Here a 737 in Southwest livery takes off. The photo is from Southwest's media website www.swamedia.com.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Airplane porn. Even better than camera porn, almost as good as helicopter porn.

The 737 became the best selling Boeing jet of all time. Initially a short range jet, the latest version (737-900ER) has a range of over 3000 miles and may enable Southwest to offer service to Hawaii. It has been in production since the late 60's and the end is not in sight. MORE 737S WERE MADE IN 2010 THAN IN ANY OTHER YEAR!

Thanks for the post, It is good to see pictures of the -100 again.

the observer said...

Capt Schmoe:
I just thought these ads, in 1967 National Geographics, were the coolest! Airplane porn indeed.

The 737's record is amazing. I did recall the rudder issues that came up a while back but when you consider how many air miles have been accumulated by the jet, it is truly an amazing thing. A tribute to those who design and build the plane--both the first, taking care of the rudder issues and now this extended range model.

Thanks for stopping by and drive carefully--we had a fire truck in a head on collision here in KC and the FAO may lose a foot or part of his leg.

The Observer

Bob G. said...

It's not a bad airframe in the durability department either.
Aloha flight 243 (1988 - that had the top torn off during an explosive decompression made it back and landed safely on Maui, with only 1 fatality (flight attendant)

Considering ALL the miles logged by ALL those airlines, pretty safe plane.

Nice photos, too.

chuck said...

Bob G.

If I recall, another jet lost its top and lost some folks out of the plane soon after, and it included another flight attendent who had been on the previous jet with the same problem.

Is that right, or am I old?