Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Report

Well, the blizzard of 2011 pretty much lived up to its billing around here. The day after, as is frequently true after a storm, was bright and cold, perfect for getting out of the house and shoveling.
As harsh as it was, it could have been worse. Columbia, MO, the home of the University of Missouri Tigers, got 17 inches. I-70 was closed, not so much because of its condition in Kansas City, but on down the line cars were stuck, marooned in the snow. Also, although we got ice on Monday, and it was slippery at times that day, it was just a small amount accumulated, and the moderate (30 F) temps meant that chemicals worked to melt the ice.
Tuesday, just about everything was closed and today also just about everything was closed. Since the traffic was very light, the plow boys were able to do a little bit better on the roads to help the folks trying to get home in the afternoon and evening.
The airport closed after they pulled the plow crews off the runways in the early afternoon because visibility was so poor. They couldn't see each other, the runway markers, or any aircraft that might be around. By the time the airport reopened, there were no planes to fly in. Closing Midway and O'Hare in Chicago insured that.
Around the neighborhood, there was no plowing during the storm. This is not unusual, as the plows are concentrating on the main routes that connect the neighborhoods, and the feeders to the interstates. A neighbor reported to me this morning when we all convened with shovels to take on our driveways and walkways, that the plow was through bright and early at 0800. That is an improvement, as after the Christmas snow of 2009, there was no plow passing through the neighborhood. The plow did add a little extra work to the end of the driveway though. A small price to pay.
I have to say I was proud of our street. We all helped each other with the shoveling. I did my drive, then helped my neighbor do the walk and drive of someone who would not have been able to manage. Then we did my neighbor's drive. Meantime, one of my other neighbors sent her grown son and friend to their older neighbor's house next door. Just about everyone was done by 2 p.m.

Darn photos, posted in exact reverse chronological order, so from the bottom up: Glaze left on windshield by phase one of the storm on Monday. Next two: at the height of the snowing and blowing, around 3 p.m. This is the closest I got to leaving Casa Observer yesterday! Last two, nearest the top: today, the path shoveled from door to car, and a look down the plowed street.

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Bob G. said...

Ok...change the names from those in KCMO to those in Northeast IN, and you got MY "story" about the storm...LOL!
(only the people were changed to protect the innocent...and at NO time did any bloggers suffer frostbite during the posting).

Good coverage.

Stay warm out there!