Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Nugget From 2007

I was starting some spring cleaning around Casa Observer the other day when, buried deep in a reservoir of old papers was this little nugget from 2007:

It's the Citizen's Association endorsement piece for that March's general election! As you can see, almost all their chosen council people made it--only John Sharp was a winner over Darrell Curls for the 6th District. Of course, Alvin Brooks was defeated by Mark Funkhouser for mayor in that election.
A couple of other things: the tenor of the piece is completely different from anything you would find now. It' s a much more optimist look at our city than now. While there was recognition that there were problems, they did not appear as overwhelming or as difficult as they do now. It is amazing to think on what a different place the world was in 2007.

The question just begs to be asked: Did we elect people with "knowledge and character" then? Do we have people with these attributes to choose from this March?

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