Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Mailers

This week's haul. Included, there at the bottom is the sign that this particular brand of madness will soon end--my voter notification card.

Interestingly, nothing from Mayor Funky and nothing from Sly James.


Bob G. said...

Wouldn't be so bad a thing to receive ALL those mailers..."IF" some of those politicians really BELIEVED in what they SAID...and then FOLLOWED THROUGH with it!

(yeah, I'm an IDEALIST...LOL)

Stay safe out there.

Rush'd Lady said...

You know how to get rid of all that junk mail, don't you? I've got an article on my blog abt. how to take revenge on it and make new paper to craft with! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Mike Burke and his law firm received nearly $4 1/2 million over the
past 10 years - what did the tax payers get for that work - empty lots
like Rennesance North - a Port Authority that paid him $2.7 million for
his services, so he could sanction other insiders getting no bid
contracts, - and getting legislation passed to create a new taxing
authority outside control of the voters that can take away peoples
property without their consent Mike Burke will continue the
tradition that served him well - a City that is by the insiders and for
the insiders - not by and for the people