Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monitoring the Election Thus Far

8:34 PM: It looks like turnout for Kansas City's primary election is going to be very low, in the area of 45 K. This means that 10% of the population is setting the ballot for next month. Prognosticators were predicting that turn out would be low, but not quite this low.

Just refreshed@ 8:36--Burke: 8,056 Funkhouser 6,598 James 6,465.

Third District is tight with SSB ahead of the disqualified Mike Fletcher 532-437. 3rd at large has Curls ahead of Ellington 11,200 to 7,800.

Fourth at large has Glover and Presley at the top.

Six at large has Taylor and Ward--that's a surprise to me.

8:53: Looks like we are still waiting on the 4th, 5th and 6th Districts to report in.

9:02: Still waiting on the 4th. Numbers haven't changed much except for a few people getting closer to Tracy Ward's second place in the 6th at-large. Still Funk and Sly fighting it out for second place.

9:30: Funk is out--it's Burke and James! Full summary tomorrow--after all that will be the beginning of the general. I could have more updates on Facebook tonight--feel free to visit!

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