Monday, December 20, 2010


First, can't we catch a break with the Christmas weather? The current forecasts call for a mixed mess on Thursday or Friday. Gary Lezak is the official weather caster of the South Kansas City Observer, and he is still uncertain about the forecast for exactly the timing and type of precipitation. It looks like it will start sometime Thursday after 1200, and will continue for at least part of Christmas Eve. The worst thing is that there could be ice, which makes everyone very nervous--including me. Last year, there was thunder on Christmas Eve eve, and you needed sled dogs on Christmas Eve. This year? Could it be ice? Frankly, I would take the foot of snow rather than ice.

Second, what is with everyone's driving? During the past week, I have seen some of the worst driving ever. One person, unaccountably, came to a complete stop on an entrance to I-435. Thankfully, both myself and the person directly behind this fool were paying attention and were able to avoid rear ending this idiot and each other. Same ramp, different day--we are all having to swerve around a slow moving minivan. When people drive like ass hats I like to see what they look like, so I know who to avoid in the future. This was a White woman reading something spread out on her steering wheel! I so wished I could have yanked her out of the car and given her a spanking! Finally, earlier in the month was the man turning into QuikTrip while talking on the phone--he almost lost control of his SUV and hit me. Someone else that needs a little corporal punishment.

Well, that's all I got right now. If you are watching ESPN right now, Minnesota is getting yet more snow. Looks cold. Steve Young has snow on his hat. Please drive carefully out there, and stay warm!


Bob G. said...

I SO hear 'ya about the weather (darn global-warmimng).

As to the asshat drivers?

In yesterday's post I mentioned in passing about one idiot WE (almost) encountered...totally in "their own world" as it were.

Stupidity knows NO bounds..especially when the weather gets bad.

We're in the same boat on this one...just at different OARS.

Keep the faith (and stay warm out there).

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I have never understood the reading thing while driving. Or the mascara thing.

I get the phone thing, and the lipstick thing, however. I just don't approve of them!

Good luck with your climate! One of the things dear departed Zombie Boss forgot to do this year was get a snow-removal contract. I have my fingers crossed that our weather will take this into account.

But I'm not holding my breath!

You need SledCats: On BoyCat, on GirlCat, on MomCat and Abby! On PurrCat, on HepCat, on Mouser and Tabby!

Take care,
Ann T.

the observer said...

Bob G:
This is a tough time of year--people are very distracted and some are stressed. I noted the driving because it seemed that it was even worse than usual. Thanks for the sympathy.

As to the weather, well, some forecasts have reduced the threat, moving it to the south. We'll see...

Thanks for swinging by!


the observer said...

Ann T:

Not to be holier-than-thou, but I pretty much don't do anything that would demand too much attention away from the road when I drive. Listening to music and drinking an occasional soda are the worst of my driving sins. I don't understand pushing one's luck this way. Maybe if you knew you were by yourself--but then you might drive into a ditch!

No snow removal!? Ready the shovel brigade! (What a maroon--so glad you are rid of the former ZB)

Love your cat names! Before settling on a name, small-grey-and-floofy was called SmallFry, after her McD's province. Even now, I forget, which is not good, since I want her to learn her name, as most of my cats have in the past so I can't be confusing her. BTW, thanks for visiting her first appearance in this venue.

Thanks for commenting--I missed your wonderful playful way with words!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I agree about not pushing one's luck. We all need to save that for times when we can't help but be stupid--well--maybe I've used all that luck up already four times over, LOL.

I love the SmallFry name! And then you give Me a compliment on word-smithing????

Back atcha,
and Happy Holidays to you!
Ann T.