Saturday, December 4, 2010

From the D'oh! Files...

From the D'oh! Files...

and then there's this, from the stupid crime division of the D'oh! Files...

People, people, people!


Bob G. said...

Regarding the "laser" thing, there are laws in place to deny people the use of such devices , especially AT NIGHT anmd defionitel;y against ANY city personnel or law-enforcement.

If the helo-driver was wearing NVGs (night vision goggles) that laser would be like staring into a HUGE flashbulb.
NVGs magnify existing (low) light MANY times over...that's why troops use IR lasers to designate targets.
The frequency is way different.

There was a similar story a few years back with a Dad showing his daughter the night sky, and bounced the laser off of an airliner.
The FEDS came to his house and the last I heard, he was trying to fight a $10K fine (and trying to stay out of jail).

Now, in my part of the ghettohood, I routinely use both red & green lasers to bother those god-awful BOOMCAR drivers...but then again, NONE of them are connected to LAW-ENFORCEMENT in ANY way (unless you count already having a RAP

Considering I have FEW if any "weapons" to use (legally) against these acoustic morons, I'm taking the SILENT path, as it were.

Good post.
(and don't hate me for wanting peace and's what I do)

Have a great Saturday.

the observer said...

Bob G.
I like how they explained in the article how the laser expands and makes the whole cockpit light up.

The police chopper is a 1960s vintage Huey with a lot of plexiglass around the pilot.

What an idiot!

As to the--count'em--two morons driving past a barrier into the wet cement, well, they should pay for it. And oh, are they getting roasted in the comment section of the internet edition of the local broadsheet!

The only thing you should shoot the police helicopter with is a camera!

the Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
The world is full of maniacs. These two seem to need that reality check they're getting (or writing, as the case may be).

Oh yeah!
Thanks for the info, and thanks to Bob for explaining about lasers. I'll be sure and remember!

Ann T.