Friday, December 3, 2010

No To Troy Schulte For City Manager

Troy Schulte took over the City Manager's job in late November of 2009. He still wears the interim label--he has not been made the City Manager permanently. So one of the first things that the newly elected mayor will need to decide when he/she takes office after the March 2011 election is whether or not Mr. Schulte should be the CM on a permanent basis.

I say no to Troy Schulte.

His role in the MAST debacle can not be overlooked. It was Troy Schulte who was providing the numbers and information for the City Council committee that first examined the idea back in January 2009.

Oh, I mean the lack of numbers, because one of the outstanding features of this horrible decision was the lack of information regarding its actual benefits and costs. I have hammered on that since the very first meeting back in August 2009.

Now, we have reports of more overtime costs than expected. And of course, the pension issue is still around, still hanging over the city like the Sword of Damocles. Schulte admitted he made certain promises about the pension back in October, remember?

Troy Schulte is not the right combination of manager and strength. A City Manager manages the city. It is not a political office. Schulte has been used by political players to get what they want. That is a disqualification for the position. He needs to go.

File photo from The Kansas City Star, taken not long after he assumed CM position.

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