Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kitten Update

Remember my little foundling kitten? Well, she's got a name, and she's been growing like a weed. This picture was taken a month ago, and since then she has grown even more in height and weight. Here, she's posing with her uncle BoyCat, her playmate and occasional chew toy.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I've included it on a site I've created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

Best of Blogs Kansas

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, I didn't read back far enough to learn about FoundCat (or whatever, GreyCat?? You have to give us one).

But adorable! Mine use each other for chew toys too. And they fight--I hear grunts and yelps. Then they chase each other back and forth. It makes my day!

You're a good CatMom.

Ann T.

yeah, best of Kansas city. Hands down!


Bob G. said...

You can never go wrong with a cat picture (imho).

She's SO dang cute, too!
Looks like BoyCat watches over her does her "mom".

Stay safe (all fo you) out there.

the observer said...

Ann T:
I suppose I should have put the link in the post--that was lazy! So here it is:

She's still cute. Today she wiggled her way under the covers this morning and then just stretched out against my chest. I think she likes the sound of my heart beating!

Thanks for stopping by today--just 7 days before Christmas now.

The Observer

the observer said...

Bob G:
Nope. Cat pictures just about always work.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

The observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I left a comment there; it's being moderated.