Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glenn Stevens: Charges in Versailles Dismissed

I am so happy to report that the Versailles PD and the Morgan County prosecutor have decided to dismiss the charges against Raymore resident (and former South KC resident) Glenn Stevens. Apparently, the new prosecutor decided to look at the video from Wal-Mart with Mr. Stevens, his family and his lawyer present. It was determined that the person in the video was not Mr. Stevens. As Dana Wright of KCTV5 put it on Darla Jaye's program last night: the eyes were wrong, the ears were wrong, it appeared to be a younger man, and he was taller than Mr. Stevens as indicated by how the shopping cart came up to his body. The prosecutor asked for permission to do a lie detector test. Mr. Stevens consented and passed with flying colors. After that all charges were dismissed.

He still has charges pending in two rural counties--one in Missouri and one in Kansas. They were both based on the charges in Versailles. Hopefully, they will disappear rapidly. I cannot imagine what a relief this is to the Stevens family not to have this hanging over their heads.
Now, they are owed an apology, and, if at all possible, the money back that had to put up for bail--$30,000 for the Versailles charges. Eventually, this will include the $15,000 for the other two counties' charges. That's a lot of money! I would hate to find myself having to go into debt or have an extra mortgage due to this happening to me and it should not happen to Mr. Stevens. We will keep you updated.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
What Unbelievably sloppy work by investigators! And what a mess.

I am interested in how this turns out. Thanks for keeping up with it!

Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Hopefully it will not be long before the other two jurisdictions drop their charges--I heard a rumor that the Kansas county dropped theirs but was unable to find any news links.

I'll be following along

Happily, the observer

WarmSocks said...

That's fabulous news! I've been praying for him and his family.