Monday, November 9, 2009

Whadaya Think?

A lot of the bloggers I read have tweeked their blogs of late. Bikehiker has change the name of his blog, and the quote under his title, among other things. Capt. Shmoe over at Report on Conditions has added to (thank you!) and updated his blog roll. Happy Medic is positively a EMS/fire conglomerate over there now at Wordpress--he is knee deep right now in his cultural exchange project with Medic999 from Great Britian. TKC added a twitter feed awhile back.

Me? Well, a couple weeks ago, I decided that my sports opinions needed their own blog--thus was born You're Looking Live, and Saturday I decided to change the font on the blog posts. This is a font called Georgia. It appears larger on the screen and I think it's easier to read. What say you?

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