Monday, November 23, 2009

A Reminder...

The world has problems, but the world also has a savior. Christmas, the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, is coming. Christmas is proceeded on the church calender by the season of Advent. Four Sundays of the celebration of the anticipation of the Savior's birth. This coming Sunday, November 29th, is the first Sunday of Advent.

Now, for many of us, when we go to church to worship, learn and fellowship with other believers this coming Sunday, we will notice that our church's sanctuaries have been decorated with lights and greenery for the season. Also, churches that do shows for Christmas have probably had extensions built onto their platforms. These photos, snapped with a cellphone camera, will serve as a reminder that Christmas decorations didn't hang themselves and stage extensions didn't build themselves. So, thank the volunteers that decorated your church when you see them this Sunday.

Is it even? I think it's even...

A view of the platform area. Stage crew working to the left. Light and tree crew working to the right.

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