Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wayside Waifs Wednesday--Slightly Different

On Wednesdays, I take time to invite readers to take a look at photos of cute adoptable animals that are currently living at Wayside Waifs, one of Kansas City's best animal shelters. Today, I want to take a slightly different turn. I was thinking about it after Rudy, my cat, was being adorable with me after I finished a difficult phone call today. Companion animals give such joy, and are so much fun, it's difficult to describe. Now, I know there are people who don't like animals in the house. I also know that there are people who do not see animals as companions or company, just as commerce. I very well know, because I read the news, that there are evil people who see animals as things they can use and abuse. Well, I ain't talkin' to any of you people. I'm talking to you regular-type people out there, people who, if the situation is right, would consider taking an animal into your home. (It's no accident that I mentioned the right situation; adopting an animal is a small version of having a kid, and you should be ready. I myself, while tempted by many terrific animals at Wayside Waifs, as well as some at my vet's small shelter, have declined to adopt for several reasons. That's why I support the shelter in other ways.) I have adopted from Wayside Waifs in the past--way in the past when the cats were lodged in a small ranch house on the property. I came away with a six month old orange tabby I called Buddy. Buddy was relaxed, laid back but playful, a perfect companion for the neurotic Siamese cross I already had. He had some bad habits, like chewing speaker cords, but he was a wonderful cat. He lived to be 17. Memories of Bud still make me laugh--he was not afraid of the big bad vacuum cleaner; he would hiss and bat at it--it was a hoot.

You may balk at the price of adoption--if I adopted Bud now, it would cost $75. I don't remember how much I paid in 1990 to adopt him, but when I adopted him back then, he wasn't neutered, and he had ear mites and worms. Cats now are altered and health problems are treated before adoption. Back then, I had to pay to have him neutered, and ended up treating both him and his new kitty roommate for worms and ear mites. (Lesson learned: if you are bringing in a new cat to a home with an existing cat, have a quarantine period.) It would cost more than $75 to do those things yourself.

So, consider a furry addition to your household. It may be one of the best ideas you've had in a long time.
Thought you'd get by without any cute pictures, did you? Nope. No slack for you. Come adopt me, my spots are beautiful, (Riley, female cat, 6 months old). Wayside Waifs is at 3901 Martha Truman Road in south Kansas City. Hours are 2 pm-8 pm Weds-Fri and 12 noon to 6 pm Sat-Sun. On the Internets at

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