Friday, November 13, 2009

Evil, Evil, Evil

The awful news of the arrest of six men--a father, his four sons and an associate of the father--for assorted crimes against girls has been all over Kansas City news and blog circles as well as some national exposure on Fox and CNN. What Alonzo Washington has called "The Freak Factory" of suburban, exurban and rural areas has produced this family with a bounty of awful freakishness. The story is still developing, but there have been allegations of rape, "weddings", bestiality and murder. Worse, three of the men are "lay ministers" in the Community of Christ Church, an off shoot organization of the Mormons.

I'm not sugar coating this sucker: This is evil. This is the evil outcome of evil human will on the part of six human beings to pleasure themselves with those who cannot defend or speak for themselves. If the charges are proven true beyond a doubt, these men need to be taken away, and kept away from the community at large for the course of their natural lives.

No one is beyond God's forgiveness, but society cannot give any mercy here. They must rot in jail for the rest of their lives. Period.

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