Friday, November 13, 2009

Fire Photos

I meant to do this earlier--KSHB got these amazing photos from the Independence Fire Department of the apartment complex fire November 11th at 0445 (that is 4:45 a.m.). It is amazing that nobody was even injured in this massive blaze that put 42 people out of their homes. There were even cats saved out of this. A lot of credit goes to the residents themselves who knocked on doors and got everybody out as well as a swift response by the Independence Fire Department.

Link: KSHB: Exclusive Up Close Photos of Apartment Fire

Link: KSHB: Electrical Problem Caused Fire

Link: One of Happy Medic's friends, Firegeezer, has news coverage all linked up on his blog.

Link: KMBC: Slide show of fire photos/stills including one lucky kitty.

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