Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, and One Last Thing...

Just one more bit on the MAST meeting: the actual running of the most vital services in a city must be above politics. The union guys kept saying, well, you all say fire is a good service, you like the FD and firefighters, why not merge MAST into the fire department? Well why merge MAST if it's working and you can't/won't demonstrate really good reasons for the changing of the command structure? Other than politics and power. Fire, Police and EMS must be above the political fray, to the very best of their ability. That's how come the people of the city have a higher regard for the PD, FD and MAST than most city departments and services. If politics is driving this move to merge, then it is wrong and should not be done. For example, will the new structure continue mobile posting (posting ambulances at various places in the city)? If not, what will they do? How will that affect response time? How many ambulances will be out on the street? How many at 7 a.m? 2 p.m? 10 p.m? 3 a.m? Right now, MAST can vary the number and be very flexible.

A lot to chew on tonight. Let the people know what's going on. Let's have an informed and open vote of the people. Readers, sign the petition when it's presented to you. There will be more meetings and opportunities to sign. Don't miss out.

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