Monday, August 31, 2009

More on MAST

The Kansas City City Council introduced late last week, when they thought no one was paying attention, a resolution to create a new "ambulance department" separate from the fire department and change the way MAST is run. Earlier today, Citizens to Save MAST (the group gathering signatures for a vote) held a news conference/rally. I didn't go, and except for a report from KMBZ, there has not been a lot of media on it yet. Basically, the council is trying to get the job done, with an end run around the possibility of a citizen's vote. Some more example of incompetent city government trying to fix what is not broken, all for some political reason (fire fighters' union?)

Yael Abouhalkah has a nice take on this on his KC Star blogpage, including this bon mot:

Sharp's ordinance is just the latest example of how slipshod this entire takeover has been, starting with the very idea that any major change in who ran ambulance service was necessary at all.
(But of course it was, because the fire union said it was....)

And as usual, Tony's Kansas City is right on top of it; he posted this morning.

Oy veh. (smack forehead with hand)

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