Friday, August 21, 2009

Cruisin' Around on a Friday...

Keeping up with the car theme, tomorrow is the fourth Saturday of the month. (Odd calender this month!) The South 71 cruisers big monthly cruise is tomorrow, August 22, 4 pm to 9 pm in downtown Belton, MO. The weather forecast is for some great weather. Last month there was outstanding weather, with the result of a turnout of over 700 antique, classic and specialty cars--there were cars everywhere! So come on down, and check it out.

For your Friday cruise warm up, come on out to the Longbranch on the northeast corner of 91st street and Metcalf Ave in Overland Park, KS around about 6 pm. A DJ and relaxed atmosphere have made this weekly cruise a must attend for classic/antique car owners and enthusiasts.

MAST petition gathering tonight. We'll be reporting back on what we see and hear..

Nice SKC neighbor story...the odds of this happening, especially across racial lines, are unbelievably high. Check it in the Kansas City Star.

More good SKC news, as reported by Alonzo Washington...from his blog on myspace--check the blog list for the link. Stark Ave murderer caught!

KC,I have been pushing for people to give tips in the recent spate of murders in this hell hole. It looks like someone heard me. One homicide may be solved. However, we need to solve many more. Keep the tips coming. If the news was not so negative they would build on this story. They would cover the need for people to come forward & use this story for a example of how murders can be solved if someone speaks up. Although, most of them would rather keep covering the bad things instead of the good things that take place in the hood. Read this & if you have a tip in another case give me a call.Peace,Alonzo Washington(913) 321-6764
Charges filed in weekend KC homicide
From Bob Cronkleton: The Jackson County prosecutor has charged Kris L. Ruff, 38, of Kansas City with murder in connection with a fatal shooting Sunday evening. Ruff was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. He is accused of shooting Anthony Melson, 42, of Kansas City at a residence in the 10700 block of Stark Avenue.

From the Jackson County Advocate this week...International House of Prayer to Purchase Grandview Plaza....IHOP will be using the facility as a stopgap until their big complex is built...See the Advocate for a nifty map of all the property IHOP is involved in in SKC and GV...there will be community meetings with IHOP August 27th 7 pm at Grandview High School 2300 High Grove in Grandview and September 1st at 7 pm at the Hillcrest Community Center, 10401 Hillcrest Rd, KCMO. Also in the Advocate, news on bulky item pick up, and school progress. Shameless plug alert: The Jackson County Advocate is the kind of newspaper that is still flourishing in the Internet age; small weekly papers are the ones doing the best. If you are not already getting the Advocate through your home owner's associate, subscribe or pick one up at the store.

Blog at you later about the MAST meeting!

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