Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Endlessly Fascinating Weather

I have always found the weather just fascinating to watch. You can place the blame on two old time TV weather dudes: Tex (don't remember his last name) on channel 7 eyewitness news in New York and Stewart Hall of WCAX channel 3 in Burlington. After 20 (!?!) years in K.C., the weather has only gotten more interesting to me. You will notice two weather blogs in the blog list, one for K.C. and one for Vermont. I read them pretty regularly, along with the resources on the web site Weather Underground.

This summer has been one for the books, with Seattle heatwave, late Vermont heat, and cool Midwest Summers, with the second coolest July on record here in K.C. Sometimes, I think "normal" is merely an invention by someone with a really bad sense of humor.

With the wonder of cell phone cameras, you can photograph the weather "as it happens" so I am, hopefully, with this new toy, going to let you all see some really neat shots I took as I drove into a small squall of rain earlier this summer. In the pictures I am driving east on I-435, with the setting sun at my back. Note the rainbow to the left, and on the early shots, you can still make out shadows from the other cars on the road.

Well, it's obvious this picture placement stuff is going to take some practice! I had to edit in Html to get them in a logical spot but they are posted in the right order, the earliest on top and to the left and the last at the bottom. Read'em left to right, and I think that will get the order right. I'm going to leave the Html gobblygook as I don't want the pictures to disappear! Sorry about that, call it growing pains.


Thanks to everyone who has read and commented so far!

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