Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, I Missed You, Too

No posts since Thursday?
There is a reasonable explanation for it. First, things kept me from posting on Friday, even just to post the "Friday Funny". No problem, I thought, I'll do a late funny when I post after the Wayside Waifs holiday party on Saturday evening. Well, no sooner did I leave the shelter when just a mile or too down the road, I heard that sound. You know, "flawp, flawp, flawp" accompanied by an odd tilt.

A flat tire. Indeed. I flawp, flawp, flawp'ed my way to Quik Trip and changed it under the lights. Of course, their air compressor was out so I rode the semi-flat spare around the corner to another store with a working pump, much to the amusement of the posting MAST ambulance crew who serenaded me with a siren whoop as I left the parking lot. Then I drove home, where I pretty much stayed, as I had the spare on, two pretty bald tires and only one good one. We had rain/snow/sleet something in small amounts on Sunday, another good reason to just stay home and watch football. Casa Observer, however, is not equipped with Internet access, however, so there was no blogging.
Ugly and just barely functional, the spare tire "doughnut" looks really weird on a PT Cruiser.

Poor tire's just plain worn out; check out the inner sidewall, especially between 7 and 9 o'clock. Two others on the car didn't look much better, so I replaced all three that were worn out. I feel very blessed that I didn't have a blow out at high speed, since so much driving in Kansas City is highway driving.

Thanks to Tires Plus in Grandview (yes, that is a shameless plug; they are very good), I am now equipped with good tires all around, able to go in quest of WiFi today and ready for whatever weather shows up around here tomorrow.

Thank God; car problems make me crabby.

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