Monday, December 28, 2009

Kitty Prints

My cats are indoor cats. They aspire to be indoor/outdoor cats, and sometimes achieve that goal by rushing the front door when it is opened. Two of my cats managed to get out and have a little bit of time enjoying the snow. My eldest cat, who is about 13, did not participate in this particular door charge, even though, ordinarily she is up for a trip outside. Ah, the wisdom of age!

Observer Kitty, after a very short time outside, decided he had observed enough and wanted back in!

Hannah was a bit more intrepid but once she discovered that the snow off the shoveled path came up to her chest--and higher--decided she wanted back in too.
An assortment of kitty prints in the sparkling snow. Hannah, being an extra-toed cat, left particularly interesting foot prints.

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