Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heaps of Snow for Christmas?

New York City after a nor'easter in 2008

Well, confidence is getting higher, along with cases of snow fever, in weather geeks' and forecasters' offices around the metroplex. Some are thinking snow of 6 inches or more. The best way to follow snow fever is in the NBC action news weather blog, on the blog roll at left. One way you can tell this storm could pack a real wallop, even if it mostly rains around here, is by all the severe warnings and watches in the nation. Check out the watches/warnings map, from

The counties in white are under a winter storm watch or warning--the metro is under a warning. The light green are counties under flood warnings. The dark green are counties under a flood watch. The light blue are areas under high wind warning. Finally, amazing enough for December is the counties outlined in red (mostly in Texas)--they are under a tornado watch. The ingredients are all here for some good stormy weather: A cold front coming from the northwest. Two low pressure areas moving: one in the southwest, the other in the Tennessee valley. Now, Kansas City is notorious for the difficulty in forecasting snow here. A little movement of the storm north or south can change everything: we can go from 6 inches of snow to 1 inch of rain in a flash. So the best way to deal is to stay calm, make sure the cupboard is not bare, and the gas tank is full. Watch Gary Lezak on KSHB or on the net and if you have to travel, keep up with any changes.

After being dry for most of the afternoon, it is now at 1650, raining its brains out at Roe and 119th street in Leawood. Weirdly, from where I sit, I can see a gap of blue sky to the west southwest.

If it snows, there will be pictures!

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Definitely pictures!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ann T.