Monday, December 28, 2009

A Rant

This is a genuine rant. This must be ranted before I can proceed to post more glorious snow pics, or talk about how our city works or other newsy topics or go over to and talk about football. I must get this out of my head. Warning: Language might be immoderate here. There might even be a cuss word.

If one more person in person or on a blog comment board questions people's hardiness in this winter weather one more time, I am going to find out their IP address, and I am going to their house and I am going to pinch their head off. Furthermore, if one more person insists that neighborhoods have been plowed one, two, three, four or more times, and denies that the Kansas City residential plowing program is FUBAR and questions whether or not I live on a private street, I will find out where they live and dump prodigious amounts of snow in their driveway and pour water on any vehicles left outside so it can freeze solid in the cold. Lastly, if one more person in person or on a blog comment board states that this storm was not a cut above the average winter storm, and compares it negatively to "when they were growing up" and again, indicates that people's hardiness is lacking, I will find your IP address and then, your house, and I will pinch your f**king head off.

People, I know what I saw and what I experienced. You do not have to report what you saw and experienced and then denigrate and put down someone else's experience. We all have our experiences and opinions about this snow storm and how our metropolitan area responded to it. Start out by being Joe Friday and report what you experienced. You can add stuff from the news and other bloggers if you like. Then editorialize all you want. Do not make yourself somehow "bigger, stronger and better" by invalidating someone else's experiences. If you need to do this to make yourself feel good about yourself, please go get some help. Or just lock yourself in your room; the world can do without one more sociopath and/or narcissist running around.

Even though I know that the trolls I am talking to will probably not read this I feel better now. There are definitely drawbacks to reading blog comment sections sometimes.

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
People who say 'it could always be worse' are among the many hostile people one encounters.

And oh, they condescend! If they only knew how much patience they require.
Start pinching,

Ann T.