Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Follow up and a Few Good Links

The health care forum at the Church of the Resurrection was very good. An excellent primer on the problems, and glimpses of some ideas for solutions. Tomorrow they will have transcripted the proceedings and you will be able to buy a DVD of the program. If you have an interest in health care reform and would like to increase your basic knowledge of the issue, it is definitely worth pursuing. On the Web:

Following up two items from last Thursday's post--note the flap about Michelle's shorts has disappeared without a trace. (I had to be careful how I said that: it wasn't the First Lady's shorts that disappeared...) The South African runner, Caster Semenya, the tests on her gender are not back yet. She has received a hero's welcome in her country, and is enjoying her gold medal. We'll keep following. The Afghani elections proceeded but there were reports of fraud, violence and intimidation. There were reports of women who voted having their ink stained fingers cut off by the local Muslim clergy. Per reports, a preliminary result may be made public in a few days. The current president, Hamid Karzai and his challenger, Abdullah Abdullah are neck and neck per new stories. Pray for Afghanistan.

You may have heard of the humor web site . Time magazine has an interesting article about its owner and the fact the site makes money. Amusingly, there's a link in the article that says that the site is overrated, and proof of the fall of western civilization. Sometimes the arrogance and judgemental attitude of the mainstream media is not to be believed. Your link to the Time article.

Oh, by the way, check out the site for hysterical real estate ads and pictures. The way some people decorate their homes! And they leave them that way when they go to sell the house. Sometimes the site is sad because you see what happens to houses (that were once homes) abandoned in foreclosure. But most times, it's funny. It's the newest part of the cheezburger empire.

Strange Survivalist/Christian (???) group in my family's small town in Vermont are in a kerfuffle with the town about a road and a gate. The link from WCAX TV. I didn't know exactly where this was, so I mapquested and googled, and found the road dead ends at what looks like a settlement (barns, houses, etc.). So I'm pretty positive the town fathers can figure this out. By the way, the James Jones interviewed in the video piece was in my high school class.

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