Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Texting, etc. While Driving

There has been a lot of talk about the accident in Missouri in August 2010 that killed two people that seemed to be caused by an inattentive driver, one who was texting and driving. Since then the National Traffic Safety Board, which investigated the accident extensively, has declared that there should be a nation wide ban on all telephone device use behind the wheel.
It is a pity that we are so stupid that we need such a big nanny state step in on this. If texters/talkers only hurt themselves, I say have at it. Run off the road, into stationary objects and whatever. Only thing is, like drunk/high drivers, these people have a way of running into the innocent, injuring them and destroying their property.
I have had to resist reacting to troll posts in comments sections on news stories and blog posts concerning this subject, because the whiff of guilt and arrogance, a lovely combination, has emanated from so many of them. Many, many people drive distracted, with slowed responses, wandering about the road in an unpredictable way.
I hate the idea of more regulation, particularly something that is not enforceable, but I can't stand distracted drivers. They are just stupid in so many ways. They think it's OK because they can get away with it. The problem is that TODAY may be the day they can't get away with it any more, and in their careless, self centeredness, they hurt someone--maybe you or me.
It's plain: If the behavior stopped or reduced in a major way, the whole conversation about regulation would go away. So how about stopping doing anything that takes away concentration from your primary task when you are behind the wheel of a car?
That primary task, by the way, is DRIVING.
There would not be a need for any rule if you paid attention to your DRIVING.
Sorry to yell, but it is just so obvious and it is sad that so many of us are so self centered and wrapped in ourselves that we don't GET IT.
Yeah, I feel strongly about this.


David said...

I don't get how people get in a car and don't understand that the purpose of their endeavour is to get from point A-B safely. Socializing can come once you get to the destination.

Instant gratification, the true evil brought out by technology.

Anonymous said...

I don't want the nanny state, but I hate that innocent people get injured as well. I think if our justice system actually made those responsible for restitution to those they've injured (either working in the jails to make $ or working for the families they've harmed), there won't be much change in the behavior of the majority of Americans.
Unless those that harm are TRULY held responsible, not much will change... and that doesn't take a nanny state to occur, only a change in our justice system.

Bob G. said...

I see we are of a LIKE MIND today...had part of my post about the fed "ban" thing...

Your post is very well presented.
Excellent points!
(yell away...I agree 100%...lol)

Stay safe (and texting-free) out there

The Observer said...

Seems as if we sinful humans have to be corrected if we don't take to be reminded. Holding some sort of financial responsibility would hopefully make some think twice.

Some will never learn, and will continue texting until the day they can't see the screen anymore...or have a crash.

Thanks everyone for reading my little screed!

The Observer

Anonymous said...

Eating in the car, having a drink spill, your purse overturn, changing a cd, talking to people in the back seat, lighting a cigarette or dropping the cigarette in your lap, misreading a sign and making sudden lane changes...there are so many more things than just phones to cause people to wreck. Also fatigue is one of the leading causes of accidents!