Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Era Passed

As has been previously noted here, Kansas City, Missouri emergency first responders are moving their radio communications to a new digital 700 MHz radio system. The police moved their communications in early November to the new system. Just yesterday, fire, both EMS and suppression, moved over to the new system. I hear tell that there have been a few glitches, as not only did they move to new radio hardware, they also changed software and dispatch method0logies.
That aside, there are just a few stragglers on my scanner, the way it is set up. Animal Control. The Veteran's Administration Hospital. Some of the airport. Until I can pony up the funds, or the price of 700 MHz scanners comes down some, my fun of scanner listening is over.
I am going to miss it.


Bob G. said...

I wish these folks would get with a technology...and then STAY with it for a spell, instead of changing it up every few years...
Been done with RECORDS, then CASETTES, then VIDEOTAPES...not to mention TELEPHONES, TV sets, COMPUTERS, and now...LIGHTBUMBS.

I like the older stuff...especially when it WORKS seemingly forever (which is a lot longer than when it becomes OBSOLETE...LOL)

I suppose after they run the gmaut of Mhz "options", they'll go to Thz? (terrahertz)

Where does such madness end?

Good post.

BTW, check out the online sites for scanner freqs and players...they've got some for most all cities.
(s'what I use for the time being)

Stay safe out there.

Groucho K. Marx said...

I figured you'd notice the change T.O....

The Radio Shack PRO-106 is the cheapest alternative available locally.

I'm stuck right now with only 2 new radios and it's really rough- waiting to see if KSHB renews me for another year.

The Observer said...

I was fooling with my iPhone and got on one site that uses iTunes to allow the Apple person to listen in. It didn't sound like the internet site had caught up with all the changes yet, but such an approach has potential.

Until the Black Friday comes that I can affort the PRO-106!

As to light bulbs, good news, you can stop hoarding now--congress has put the ban on hold.

Have a good weekend all!

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...


KC-MO Fire & EMs dispatch can still be received on Talk Group ID No. 14-137.

Hope you have a Very Merry if I don't catch u b4 then! ;)