Monday, December 26, 2011

The Biggest Story?

Topically challenged right now.
It's a lot more fun to talk about the holidays, the Chiefs, the weather or just about anything else then the current set of news headlines while hanging around the kitchen table these days.
The news media is this weird mix of holiday feel -good stories, horrid crime stories and sports headlines.
Just wondering here--what is the biggest and most important thing that is before us?
Do the folks at City Hall think the same things are important that we, the citizens, think are important?
How much does the media have to do with our priorities--that what they report is what comes to our attention--makes the most noise--and provokes us to call for action? Is what creates the noise really the most important thing?
Just wondering.


Bob G. said...

Maybe it's just getting older (with me), but I keep noticing MORE of a disconnect between politicos and the people.

And since the media is often in bed with the politicians, it's little wonder we are always seeming to be "on the outside...looking in".

It's not so much about what is IMPORTANT (to us) appears to be more about "what WILL SELL...keep the people "entertained" to whatever degree needs be.
The ROMANS did that with their "bread and circuse"...and THAT empire fell.

I liken this to the all-too-familiar DOUBLE STANDARD.
And we've got more of THOSE than we know what to do with.

Squeaky wheels might still get a bit of oil, but as is often the case, everyone ELSE just turns UP THE TV, so they can't hear it.

And if folks do nothing (as a result), THAT is what exactly gets done.
(but we're still being entertained, so it's all OK).

Excellent post...very thought-provoking.

You truly "get it".

Stay safe out th4ere.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
Not just entertainment but ginning up fear and discontent. I am not big into class warfare but I have to admit that the item about congress getting richer got my attention. I understand the expenses--but how do these guys/gals relate to the rest of us--especially those who have been there for years and years?

Thanks for stopping by--New Year's Wishes to you!

The Observer