Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flashback Thursday, Part 1

It's a little worse for wear, but I found this interesting campaign flyer from the democratic primary in 2008. She looks much younger in this photo on the flyer. Some of that is likely a bit of Photoshop, but it seems her service under President Obama has aged her. I do not see her as Secretary of State or anything else under him if he is reelected.

"Leadership takes more than talk" says the literature. I think we are all finding that to be true at this point. Even those politically left of center are finding the president's performance less than satisfactory. Her plans are not dramatically different from Obama's and it would have been interesting to see how she would have responded to what happened in the 2010 midterm elections or if that result would have happened at all.

The first primaries are right around the corner in early 2012. It is my opinion that this upcoming election is one of the most important in our country's history. Even with Obama's negatives, it is no shoe-in to defeat an incumbent. It would behoove us to elect someone who will be willing to work with the other side, for the greater good of our entire nation, and to stand up against those who would divide us by class or race.

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Bob G. said...

I think we've already started down that path to the whole division by race/class...thanks to the current administration.

And unless we take precautions to look CAREFULLY at the road ahead of us, we WILL wind up in some ditch.
(then the gov't will "come to our rescue"...for our OWN sake. That's the LAST thing we need right now)

I had a mentor who once told me:
"There are BOSSES, and then there are LEADERS".

There is QUITE a difference between them, too.

What this nation NEEDS is a REAL LEADER...and not some bystander in an empty suit...or a "boss".

But, that's just my thoughts on it.

Very good post.

Stay safe out there.