Friday, April 8, 2011

Wayside Waifs Visit

Today was just one of those all around crappy days, where nothing got finished, and everything took longer than expected. After some time of prayer and meditation, I found that a visit to Wayside Waifs was also indicated.

As usual, plenty of wonderful animals were available. This is Pearl. She's blonde like a yellow lab, but has this beautiful black undertone to her coat. It's really soft too. When I first saw here in her kennel, she gave me a smile, then rolled over and showed me her belly.

This is Racquel, a shepherd mix. She was exclusively an outside dog for much of her life, but now sits for treats and pets. She's over two, but still looks like a pup. She is not as big as a full German Shepherd dog but she's not tiny either.

On to cats: This is the aptly named Fluffy, a two year old black medium haired cat. Such pretty eyes!

Kitten (and puppy) season will be upon us soon. These two little guys, grey tabbies, are in the vanguard.
This nifty looking fellow is 3 year old Bubba. Bubba is friendly to people, but somewhat timid at times. He is a beautiful brown tabby and white. While I visited with him, he rolled over and let us rub the really soft fur on his belly!

So now after visiting these critters and others, I have some more cute animal photos, and the faint oder of dog. The latter will dismay the cat crowd at home but that is what soap is for. To see wonderful critters for yourself, in person at 3901 Martha Truman Road in south Kansas City, MO or on line at Phone: 816-761-8151


Groucho K. Marx said...

Wish I had the room/acreage to house all of 'em!

Oh yeah- the money to feed all their hungry lil mouths too...

"Bless The Beasts and The Children-(and bloggers with BIG hearts)-"


Bob G. said...
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Bob G. said...

I could not agree MORE!
Well said.

And some really beautiful pictures of the "waifs"...
I wouldn't know WHO to adopt first.

Nice job being done there.

Stay safe

The Observer said...

Thanks guys!

I used to make Wayside Waifs visits more frequently--time to get back in the habit. I have cats at home, but do enjoy the company of dogs. I just can't own any right now.

Meow, woof, etc.

The Observer