Monday, April 18, 2011

Copper Follow Up: Now This Is Ridiculous!

OK, we had our little rant about "copperheads" last week. It's just ridiculous! I was thinking of the thieves who hit the fountains and the pair of dipwads they found in a closed school building taking copper pipes and wiring awhile back (police dog found those two, and shall we say, "took a bite out of crime") , but check this out--from the Kansas City Star just tonight:

You seriously just can't leave anything out! These freaks have pulled electrical wires, disrupted fiber optic cables, and stolen anything not fenced in or nailed down! Copper thieves cut the connection to the EMS headquarters once by tearing up the phone line while looking for copper.

I would seriously be looking at all the buyers for this loot. The problem is the crime could have occurred as long ago as Friday evening--they could be long gone. This is the sort of thing that a video camera could help with, but that has its own issues. So what to do?

You have eyes, people, eyes--use them! We can be our own surveillance system. If something looks wrong, call it in! At the very least, make a note of any strange vehicles, take down license plate numbers, note the time and date, and note descriptions. If something comes out later, what you noted could be key. How many people saw a truck and people in and around this company, may have thought, "Well, that's odd." and now wish they'd made a note or two about the situation, or maybe took a quick photo or video with their cell phone.

Most copperheads are dopers: They need rehab--they need to be serious about rehab and do it seriously and completely, or face continuous and repeated jail time along with requirements for restitution to those harmed by their misdeeds. Buyers who buy hot stuff need to lose their businesses. Middle men, probably also dopers, need to be squeezed for their suppliers and for the buyers. Somehow we have to get a handle on this. It's getting ridiculous out there.


Bob G. said...

I say GET the public involved and ASAP!

The MORE "eyes on", the less likely that scrappers will strike.

At night is another need PATROLS looking for such things.
This sure isn't the same world I remember growing up in, that's for sure.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
I just can't believe, even in this somewhat industrial not terribly residential section of town that somebody didn't see something.

They have to take this big load out of town to several buyers to deflect suspicion. Meantime the company/insurance company are out a million bucks.

This is a bad thing.

The Observer