Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ray-Pec Bus Drama and DUMB Parent!

Last week a bus driver in the Raymore-Peculiar school district had to stop his bus and involve himself with two students on the bus who were fighting. The incident, which involved the driver physically contacting students, has caused some conversation. The event is being investigated by the school district. The video, which is grainy and jumpy, does appear to show the driver putting his hands on a child's shoulders near his neck at one point. The whole scene looks completely out of control. You know it had to be bad for the bus driver to pull over, as these buses are on strict schedules. There is no other video at this point and the bus was not equipped with its own camera.

A mother interviewed by KSHB said the following: "That is horrible. I don't think that school bus driver should be allowed to do that. If there is a problem occurring, don't physically put your hands on anybody, especially somebody else's child. He shouldn't have put his hands on him." In the videotaped interview, she allows that kids can be separated but continues to say that the driver should not touch anyone.

What a fool! I bet her kids are just angels from being handled with soft gloves. How do you propose the driver deal with that out of control mess without occasionally touching the darling children? Keep driving and let the kids beat the sh*t out of each other? Drive with all that distraction and risk a crash? Pull over, call for help from the police and wait, doing nothing, while out of control kids damage each other, the bus, and maybe run out into traffic? Yeah, that'll fly.

Woman, get your head out of your butt, and teach your kids, and all kids to show some respect to others, including adults! In the meantime, bus drivers without chaperones on their buses should probably just drive to the local police station when the little darlings start acting out. Let the cops "touch" them.

Links: KSHB's report, containing the above gem. KMBC's, demonstrating that gossip is still gossip, even with smart phones and KCTV5, showing that KSHB didn't find the only idiot mother.


Bob G. said...

Well said...!
Mom was indeed an idiot!

The other side of the coin is when students involve the driver IN their fights...that can cause some serious ramifications...like ACCIDENTS!

Sure is different from the days we SAT in the bus seats and NEVER got up or messed with one another.

We had a LOT more respect all around back then.
I miss those days.

Good post.

Stay safe out there.

Rush'd Lady said...

My sister drives a bus and was recently accused of manhandling a kid who "cried" to his parents that she pulled his arm roughly to make him sit down. The film in the bus let her off the hook, it showed a girl sitting next to him on the bus who grabbed his arm and pulled him back down into the seat.

Then did you see the news last night about the teacher who taped a kid's mouth shut and sit him in the corner. The kid was actually enjoying all the excitement, getting interviewed for TV and having his moment in the limelight when his dad was telling the reporter that his son shouldn't be touched by the teacher, never once admitting that his son was out of control and misbehaving.

I remember the day when my folks told me if I misbehave in school and the teacher gets me into trouble, then I was going to be in BIG trouble at home.

Bob G. said...

Oh, yeah...I remember THAT. The "second" punishment (from Mom and/or Dad) was always going to BE WORSE than the first one.

I miss those days.

The Observer said...

Rush'd Lady:

I saw that story and thought the exact same thing. If I had done something bad enough that the teacher even thought about tape over my pie hole, I would have been punished at home. Dad was mouthing the same stupid "don't touch my kid" crap as the moms in the other story.

Discipline your kids and others wouldn't have to do it for you--or put up with your spoiled indulged brat's crappy behaviour!!!

Sheesh, people. Maybe we ought to have parenting classes and tests, like what we have for driver's licenses...

The Observer

The Observer said...

Bob G:
I remember that kids fooled around some on the buses in my day, but it wasn't anywhere as bad as now.

I personally never rode the bus to school. Urban or rural--I always lived 1/4 mile from school. This, back in those days, was regarded as walking distance, and so I did! :)

The Observer