Monday, April 4, 2011

Gotta Love It!

OK, so last Sunday night I'm outside dodging snowflakes as I am taking pictures of the coating of white we had gotten. This Sunday night, in the name of documenting, I am dodging chickpea and dime size hail stones being flung at 30 mph plus by a nasty north wind.

Here is one pile of hail stones. By then, it had stopped hailing.

Here's another. It was still raining with considerable gusto when this was taken. The yellow object is one of those hose adapters you screw on your outside tap. Not an intentional size guide, but handy none the less.

Yup, ya gotta love this Midwest weather! I thought New England weather was crazy!

What next? I don't even dare speculate...


Bob G. said...

"Chickpea hail"...yeah, that's a new one, even for me...LOL.
AT least bnack east, we KNEW what was pretty much coming...and days in advance.
Out here in Indiana, it's a crapshoot...every day.

Very nice pictures.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Oh Bob G, we knew this was coming, at least with 24 hours notice that severe weather was "possible."

Of course, how severe that weather is, well, that's a crap shoot.

After a couple of really nice spring days, today, Thursday, it's a bit rainy out but not bad. Flowers are blooming and grass is green and starting to grow...