Monday, September 13, 2010

Wayside Waifs Opens New Cat House; Has Successful Adoptathon

175 animals were placed in new homes over the Friday-Sunday adoptathon that just finished up at Wayside Waifs. This included pairs of animals that had bonded together and needed to be adopted together. Very exciting and awesome! In addition, the shelter debuted its newly remodeled quarters for cats. The area now includes several rooms where cats can roam outside of cages, a sun room, and all new cages that have plexiglass instead of bars. It's hard to show the area in still photos, but here are a few:

There are still cages--at times they are needed--but now grouped in 4s and all brand new.

Mini poses in one of the cat rooms. Now there's plenty of room for play.

Kittens too, can enjoy being outside of cages in the hug rooms.

Now, instead of one big room with a bunch of cages, the cat area is almost like a maze, with small hug rooms and cages in small groups here and there.

The sunroom provides space for cat play and for potential adopters to meet their possible pets. It also has two sky lights. A wonderful area!

Come check it out for yourself! 3901 Martha Truman Road in South Kansas City, phone 816-761-8151. On the web at


Bob G. said...

That facility looks fantastic!
And I'm sure the "guests" there are enjoying it to no end.
This venue is SO much more conducive to the adoptive process.

You folks did REAL good on this...!
This is something to be VERY proud of.

On behalf of all those kitties and cats...I thank you for giving us a peek inside.

the observer said...

Yes, this is so cool! And now more cuddling opportunities for volunteers and visitors.

Thanks for the support.

The Observer