Monday, September 6, 2010

Breaking News! Cathy Jolly Not Seeking Reelection to 6th At Large Council Seat

Cathy Jolly told the Kansas City Star in an interview Monday that she is not seeking reelection to the Kansas City city council seat she has held since 2007. Per the Star's article, she is looking to spend some time pursuing concerns other than politics. She is a lawyer and may work in that field. Ms. Jolly will serve out the remainder of her term, 8 months or so.

A few people have made noises about aiming at John (not so) Sharp and his council seat, but Ms. Jolly had not attracted any opposition as yet. Now, the 6th district at large seat is up for grabs, and this should make for some very interesting election times.


Anonymous said...

Jolly does have an opponent for re-election. Joilly typically avoided meeting her constituents who disagree with her. One of them, Tracy Ward, is collecting signatures to run for Jolly's seat. Look up Flip The Sixth on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

State Reps. Jason Holsman and Mike Brown and possibly others will run for the seat. My money is on Holsman.

Anonymous said...

Cathy Jolly did a great job of representing her constituents in the 6th and will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Cathy Jolly did a horrible job of representing her constituents in the 6th and will be not be missed at all.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason Jolly is leaving might be the rift with John Sharp. Usually, the two reps from the same district do their best to get along (at least on the surface), but Sharp and Jolly have been visibly and not-so visibly butting heads and trying to undercut each other for at least a year now. Jolly is famous for not being able to take the heat.

Anonymous said...

Whenever it's said that someone is "doing a great job", I think of Chuck Eddy. Especially when they don't say WHY.

Sadly there are many brain-dead cheerleaders in south K.C.

Remember your high school newspaper? Nothing has changed.

the observer said...

Oh, wonderful comments, thank you all for participating!

Yes, I had my "loyal opposition" mixed up. Tracy Ward is indeed seeking enough FB Likes to run for the office against Cathy Jolly,not John Sharp--that was before Ms. Jolly decided not to run for reelection--a correction shortly coming. Thanks anon 7:07 am.

@anon 10:49 am: You reminded me of the incident at the community meeting when the South Patrol plans were introduced. Sharp and Jolly openly disagreed on two issues coming before the council that week. Interesting.

John Sharp could use some "loyal opposition"--where can we find some?

The Observer