Sunday, September 19, 2010

This City

One of the reasons I haven't been eager to blog in these past few days is that I have felt somewhat discouraged about our future. It is hard sometimes in the face of blowhard selfish politicians to keep up one's hope and belief that things can get better.

We have a lot of conflicting messages floating around in this country right now, and one of them is that we are not exceptional. The problem is when we start believing that we cannot problem solve--we cannot innovate--we cannot work out--our difficulties and dilemmas; that we start thinking as victims of circumstances that will beat us, well, that is the day that we become unable to do the things we need to do to deal with the difficulties of this day and age--to be bold and convinced and committed.

I think it is healthy to think of oneself as able to make good decisions and make good changes. I do believe that the world and America's place in it are going to change over the next years. But we need to preserve the things that make us special--that we are a land of opportunity for all, that one's birth situation does not dictate one's life situation, our freedom of speech and religion are the truest and freest in the world and at any time, that we have more than just serfs and barons...

Our place may be different in some ways over these next few years, but I don't think we are *finished* yet.

This song came over the radio when I was trying to figure out why my blogging had hit a bit of a boggy spot. It was a timely reminder for this Christian about the role that God and his people have to play in this situation too...


bill kostar said...

American exceptionalism has always been about ideas, ideals, and opportunity. Only recently has it been twisted into the notion that we should be able to tell everyone around the world what to do. True conservatives should be leading our understanding of the values of Americans back to where we started.
As for Kansas City, as long as the great majority of residents and voters allow their community to be run by a small clique of insiders who are more interested in their own well-being and self-importance than they are in the city, not much is going to change. We need a lot fewer shouters and whiners and wheelers and dealers, and a whole lot more vision and leadership that has a chance to move all of us forward.
Maybe the mayoral campaign will uncover some ideas and policies, but right now it's the same old song by the same old folks.
In a democracy, we get precisely the government we deserve.

the observer said...

bill kostar:
Thanks for the comment. This post was pretty unformed--just written out of my heart. It seems that in many corners of our great country we have yielded to some sort of malaise or something. It's like we have stopped demanding excellence of ourselves, and worse, we have stopped demanding excellence from our children. We blame teachers for not teaching the kids, but parents send them from unstructured homes to the school, and the kids do not do any work towards educating themselves. It's just depressing to think that in the areas of our city that need the uplift the most, the degree of discipline and commitment is the least.

This looks like it's trying to turn into another post. The toughest thing is to try and find solutions for this--is it inevitable that we will slide hopelessly into mediocrity? I don't think so, but the solutions will not be easy or instant.

The Observer

Bob G. said...

We have a "unique" commonality in one thing here...this situation is occuring ALL over the nation.

And Bill has nailed it wonderfully.

It seems as if we've become our own worst enemy at times.
ANY change that takes place to get us turned back around MUST begin with SELF...and then reach outward.

Brilliant post and excellent comment by BK.

Keep the Faith!

the observer said...

Bob G:
Thanks for the encouragement. It's like we've had an overdose of analysis and diagnosis and a shortage of solutions and ideas, and the imbalance got to me a little.

I like what Bill said: We are exceptional because of ideals, ideas and opportunity. We need to remind ourselves of that first --then we'll be ready to go forward.

You keep the faith too.

the Observer