Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How'd They Pick Which Dealers to Close?

A photo of Crawford's of Raytown by The Observer. MISSED!

It's bad enough that Chrysler selected three dealers to close that I had done business with and had been satisfied. Two out of those three dealers, Bud Brown and Crawford's of Raytown, had other satisfied customers who I recall protested in comment sections of news stories about the dealers closing. (Weinberg Dodge, while never doing me wrong, had a less--shall we say--positive press then the other two.) Now we Chrysler owners have a much more limited group of dealers to pick from, and for some areas of the metro, not terribly convenient locations. Now it comes out that evidently the dealer in Olathe has been ripping people off. Alonzo Washington broke the story, Mass Appeal News has picked it up and I'm continuing the thread with this additional question: really, how did they pick the ones to close? And now, to add insult to injury, Ray Adams is getting a Chrysler franchise!
It's just really really irritating to me that good people lost their businesses and bad people are allowed to continue in business. Let's put a stop to any rip off by the Olathe Chrysler franchise. Don't let them get away with it, report problems.

Here's a link to the Mass Appeal News article, which links to Alonzo. If you've been wronged, let someone know either Mr. Washington or the Johnson County prosecutor's office or the Kansas AG.


Bob G. said...

I don't know how well this would work, but you COULD get others who are like-minded and contact the state's Attorney's General office...
It's worth a shot, anyway.

Good dealers shouldn't HAVE to close when they didn;t want to be aprt and parcel to that bailout "stuff"...

It happened here in Ft. Wayne as well.
A well-established dealership (Tomkinson Dodge/Chrysler) up and went bye-bye...for no GOOD reason.

Perilous times we live in.

the observer said...

Bob G:
News media as well as bloggers have been on the scent of this dealer already and the manager has retreated from KCTV inquiries. A peek at the site I linked revealed a horror story in the comment section which I hope goes to the prosecutor's office over there in Johnson County Kansas.

Hopefully any others wronged will do the same and we'll hold their feet to the fire. The last thing Chrysler or any other auto maker needs these days is bad PR.

Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a great rest of your week!

The Observer