Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Cuteness For You, Dear Readers


from the Daily Squee site.


peedee said...

ummmmmm HOLY CUTENESS!!!!!!!!

the observer said...

This little ocelot is so cute! And to be that small, it has to still be nursing--that little mouth just begs to have a nipple put in it!

Such a sucker for cute I am.

The Observer

Bob G. said...

Oh, yeah...that IS cute.
(now, who wants to say the same thing when he GROWS UP?)
Show of hands?


the observer said...


LOL! :-)

According to National Geographic, the ocelot grows to 28-35 inches tall and a weight of 24-35 pounds. So not a huge cat, but at least twice the size of your basic house cat. It has the same pointy equipment as a house cat on paws and in mouth, only that much bigger!

So, elegant and beautiful when all grown up, and a WILD CAT. They are usually found in South America, although they have ranged as far north as Texas.

Thanks for looking in at my Cuteness Attack!